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A Time to Preach and a Time to Beach

columbia beach with LaurieTo paraphrase Ecclesiastes, “to everything there is a season, a time to preach, and a time to beach!”

Next week, we’re off to Vamos a la playas de Colombia, Sudamérica, and then we continue on to New England, to visit family and friends!

I will carry you all in my heart, for you too are my family and friends. I am grateful for this time away, and grateful for your love and commitment to one another.

Among the many pleasures of vacation is a chance to rest and to immerse ourselves into a new culture; from the music, the foods, the people, to the literature. For me in the case of Colombia, that includes immersing myself in the writings of Colombian novelist, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who received the Nobel Prize in Literature for popularizing the literary style of magic realism. His writing speaks to my soul. I leave you with a few quotes to wet your appetite for his wisdom:

“He allowed himself to be swayed by his conviction that human beings are not born once and for all on the day their mothers give birth to them, but that life obliges them over and over again to give birth to themselves.

“What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it.” 

“It’s enough for me to be sure that you and I exist at this moment.” 

 Bendiciones y vaya con Dios

Pastor Laurie

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