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Cantori Performs Benefit Concert: Thank You for Your Love

Sunday, March 18, we were blessed by the uplifting voices of the Pacific BoyChoir Academy’s Cantori, in a service of worship to advocate for the record breaking numbers of homeless people in Oakland. We raised over $1300 to support the charity and advocacy work of St Vincent de Paul and St Mary’s.

Beyond the fund raising, we raised awareness. One of Cantori’s choir members has asked me to serve as his mentor for a school project at Bentley advocating for the homeless. Another choir member asked me if he could join us to make sandwiches this Sunday for the homeless. Blase Bova, the Executive Director of St Vincent De Paul for Alameda County, shared with me, “I was so moved and impressed by the warmth and kindness of your congregation, and by your inclusive, uplifting, and affirming message. It was my first visit to your church but I’m sure it won’t be my last. Thanks again on behalf of St. Vincent de Paul and those we serve”.

I extend my deepest appreciation and thanks to the following people/groups:

Charles Holmes, for being the catalyst for this event.

Aiden Elenteny, his mom Adrienne

, and his grandmother Barbara, for supporting Aiden as a dedicated member of Cantori.

For the team of volunteers handing out carnations and welcoming people.

For the support of our partner organizations, St Vincent de Paul, St Mary’s, and the Interfaith Council of Alameda County.

For our “Good Samaritan” drama team!

For our amazing staff team effort, CYF director, Sheryl, organizing the drama group, Office Manager, Nancy Montier, for her publicity and outreach efforts, and Music Director Benjamin Mertz, for the joy of his amazing musical gifts, for our ushers, greeters, counters, and food preparers.

Enjoy the photos and videos below! with love, Pastor Laurie

Singing Jesus Loves the Little Children

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