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Christmas Album from Our Music Director

Are you looking for some inspiring Christmas music to listen to, or to give to your loved ones?

Skyline’s music director, Benjamin Mertz, has just released his first Christmas carol album, entitled, “Christmas at the Crossroads”, under his Benjasoul project.

Benjamin is a gospel choir director, jazz pianist, flutist, and music educator. BenjaSoul is his R&B/hip-hop project and is dedicated to moral, socially conscious, intelligent, compassionate, challenging art & music.

To hear and to order some of his music, click here.

Here are some of his reflections about this project:

What began as a simple Christmas album became a deep journey into my roots as a black, bi-racial man in America – and as I recorded these songs, the sounds and emotions of Africa continued to pull on me. At first I resisted, but then slowly let each song become what it needed to be.

This humble offering is a flawed, paradoxical, emotional album. It is Christmas and it is jazz, and it is African and New Age. It is meditational and it is ecstatic. In its way, it is the sum of my life, my race, my history, my yearnings, my weaknesses, my prayers for the world, and my deep Christian faith.
Contact Benjamin Mertz: bwmertz@gmail.com.

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