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Complex Matters of the Heart

For me, Valentine’s Day evokes the image of those little candy hearts we once exchanged in elementary school that revealed what was in our hearts to someone else. They had messages on them like “Be Mine,” “Yours Forever,” “True Love,” “Hugs and Kisses,” “Ever After,” “So Fine,” and “Hot Stuff.”  This past week, you can’t visit most stores without seeing hearts, flowers, and chocolates.

On the surface, it may seem strange for the lectionary to be focusing on the subject of anger and hatred and murder. Yet, in examining the state of our own hearts we discover how essential it is to explore the relationship between our capacity to love and our capacity for anger; and who our role models are. As Progressive Christians, it’s important to explore our understanding of Jesus’s relationship with anger.

How do we understand the multifaceted portrayals of Jesus: standing silently before Pilate as he is condemned to death; turning over temple tables and calling Pharisees broods of vipers; and urging us  to love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength and our neighbor as ourselves? Join us as we explore these complex matters of the heart!

Pastor Laurie

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