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Earth Day and Re-Creation

kid-drawingSpring is here! Finally, after months of waiting living waters fell from the heavens to nourish the dry parched earth here in the Bay area.

We are experiencing that amazing re-Creation that God provides each year at this time. New grass, buds on the trees, and flowers in abundance. Also, spiritually each of us has the chance to be reborn or recreated into new life and new opportunity at the time of Passover and Easter when we reflect on future possibilities.

It is also Earth Day.hand hold earth painting

I grew up in Northern New England where the seasons spoke to us. I remember as a child playing in grass when it was dry and the ground was hard and cold. Then, after the rain it was soft and new life appeared. The Creation is reborn in the spring.

In this season of new beginning let us join together in hope to bring all of Creation back to full health, and to recover from the wounds of climate change. Join us in this movement, as we begin by teaching our children about the recreation of our relationship with the Earth and with one another.

With love and hope,

Pastor Laurie

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