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Fracking: Films & Discussion, Nov 8

Screening Poster - Skyline Community ChurchJoin us!

10:00 Worship includes a blessing for the waters & reflections on our role as co-creators.

12:00 Showing the films, meet the director – David Braun, and discussion.

CONTACT:  Nancy Montier, 510-531-8212 (9AM-2PM M-F), office@skylineucc.org

Faith Against Fracking and Backyard: A Short Film Double Feature, Discussion and Call to Action:  with host David Braun, Director of Faith Against Fracking, Lead Organizer for New Yorkers Against Fracking.

Skyline’s Green Team is bringing these films to our local and greater communities because we believe that fracking is a danger to the earth and her people.  In July of this year Skyline’s national organization – United Church of Christ – passed a resolution to convert the economy from fossil fuels to renewable energy and conservation by 2040.  In this resolution they called for church leaders to seek laws that ban hydraulic fracturing.

California is leading the country in many ways in climate change legislation and action, and yet fracking is already very much a part of life in California. It has been happening for many years, but new techniques are making the practice even more dangerous than it was before. It has been documented in at least 10 counties around the state, but it’s also likely that fracking is taking place in other counties as well, since regulators and oil companies are not monitoring or tracking the process.

Faith Against Fracking is not only a film but a community of faith leaders and people of faith calling on world leaders to ban fracking and other extreme fossil fuel extraction techniques. A fundamental cornerstone of most, if not all faiths, is the imperative to protect creation. Pope Francis’ recent Encyclical on Climate Change called on all people living in our common home to be good stewards of the planet, “to protect the world, and not prey on it.”  Since fracking and other extreme fossil fuel extraction methods destroy the environment and hurt our communities, they must be stopped.


Skyline United Church of Christ, 12540 Skyline Blvd, Oakland, CA 94619, 510-531-8212


David Braun has been working to stop fracking for a number of years and is the President and co-founder of United for Action and the lead organizer for New Yorkers Against Fracking, a statewide coalition for a ban. Previously, he was the grassroots coordinator for the film, Gasland, and designed the outreach plan for soon to be released new installment, Gasland 2. Previously, he was an organizer for MoveOn and has worked on numerous social, environmental and economic justice campaigns.  He is director of Faith Against Fracking.

Skyline Church UCC is a community faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ.  We acknowledge the worth of all beings. We invite all who wish to enter our Sanctuary and the full life of our church family.  Ours is a God of justice and compassion, and our church lives in covenant with God to do its utmost to pursue justice and compassion, as an Open and Affirming congregation.

Additional information may be found at www.skylineucc.org.

Additional information about fracking organizations:




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