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God’s Greatest Hope

This week we celebrate World Communion Sunday, the Feast of St Francis, and join together to support Our Church’s wider mission.

It is a time to remember that God’s greatest hope is that we may learn to live together as one, one in spirit, & united in mutual support & encouragement.

At times we seem so far from that hope with so much war and hatred within this world.

At times the world we live in seems so Darwinian where the rule is survival of the fittest.

But can we really survive this way?

cooperation-billboardAshley Montagu, a 20th century anthropologist,psychologist, humanist, and author challenged the primacy of Darwin’s theory of  “survival of fittest” with the role of love in human evolution. In his book, “Growing Young”, he writes:

Heart“In the evolution of humanity, love has played in important role. Yet, the roles of love and cooperation in human evolution have been wholly neglected.  In an unloving and alienated world wracked by strife and violence, such an idea can seem ludicrous and unreal. Yet, there can be little doubt esp.  when one studies food gathering and anti violent peoples , that no group of human beings could have survived had it not been for the dominant role that love and cooperation have played in holding them together.

Indeed it is quite evident that human beings are designed as a consequence of their long and evolutionary history to grow and develop in cooperation and that the future development of humanity lies not with increasing conflict but with increasing love, extending it to all living creatures everywhere

It is, in a very real, & not in the least paradoxical sense even more necessary to love than it is to live, for without love there can be no healthy growth or development of real life. We must live as if love and life are one.”

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