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Holy Spirit Power!

Thank goodness for the Holy Spirit, who’s power works in everyone, including YOU!.   YOU are enough, right now, for the Holy Spirit to work through. You have the power TODAY to speak bold truth today in a world that desperately needs to hear it.  

Last Sunday, inspired by the Holy Spirit, we celebrated Pentecost. We heard a powerful scripture reading by Lucy Manley and felt winds from the heavens.  We were blessed with hand imitations of tongues of fire over people’s heads and with people speaking numerous languages. We also shared a powerful laying on of hands as we sent forth Elijah Carroll to begin his new ministry as Director of Faith Formation at Mayflower UCC in Minnesota.  

As part of the celebrating Pentecost, we also  read  a passage written by Archbishop of Canterbury, Stephen Langton, The prayer calls on the Holy Spirit to work in each of us:

Wash what is unclean.
Water what is parched.
Heal what is diseased.
Bend what is rigid.
Warm what is cold.
Straighten what is crooked.

There is a LOT that is bleak & broken in our world today, a LOT that is unclean, parched, diseased, rigid, cold, and crooked.

But none of these things can withstand the power of God working through us. Join us this Sunday, as together we listen for the wind, and look to the heavens for the doves. 

Together, let us bravely proclaim, in words and especially in our actions, this good news for all people. 

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