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How is Skyline Community Church Run?

Find out more at our Annual Meeting! Sunday, June 28th

Each year on the last Sunday in June Skyline Community Church holds its Annual Meeting. The community gathers for worship at 10 am and then has lunch afterwards. Officers and committee members are elected, accomplishments and goals are highlighted, the budget is voted upon, and we celebrate the transition of leadership and changes in the congregation.

Prior to the meeting, we encourage you to come prepared by reviewing our proposed budget, our narrative budget and our slideshow. They provide a good orientation to the church and gives a wide view of the activities of the church. This information is available on our members section of the website. https://skylineucc.org/community/church-members/ (password is in the newsletter or contact Pastor Laurie or the Office (510-531-8212))

“Congregational Polity”

In the United Church of Christ (UCC), congregations have a high degree of authority to make basic decisions about that way they run themselves. This is referred to as “congregational polity.” Congregations manage their own financial affairs and hire clergy and other staff. Congregations are in “covenantal” relationships with the other settings of church organization. The church is part of an “association” (in Skyline’s case, the Bay Association), which when combined together are “conferences”(Northern California Nevada Conference). The national setting of the UCC is located primarily in Cleveland, Ohio.

The relationships between Skyline Church and the other settings of the denomination are cooperative and mutually beneficial. While our church gets to choose our ministerial staff, it is the association that has the power to ordain clergy, and the conference partners with local churches in the process of supporting and developing church leadership.

The national setting of the church provides leadership and services and organizes a national meeting called General Synod every two years, where church members from throughout the denomination gather for worship, education, debate and action.

The church supports the conference and the national setting financially as well.


The church, like many organizations is governed under a set of bylaws, which are available on the members page of our website.  https://skylineucc.org/community/church-members/.

Church Council

Skyline has an elected Church Council who serve on the council along with the church officers (Moderator, Vice Moderator, Treasurer and Scribe) and At-Large members. Several members of staff, including our Pastor, meet with the Council with voice without vote. Members of the Council are raised up by the Nominating Committee of Involvement and elected by the congregation at the Annual Meeting in June. For details about last year’s council and this year’s proposed council, please see the powerpoint slides listed in the members page of our website.  https://skylineucc.org/community/church-members/

 See you this Sunday!


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