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“I Vote the Future”

 On the day of this historic election I would like to share with you a reflection from UCC minister, Maren Tirabassi:


Photo credit: © Bridgephotography | Dreamstime.com 

I vote the future

I vote my grandchild’s education

and my grandchild’s grandchild’s earth.

I vote the future.

I vote my faith in the gifts

to this country

of a child who is today 

running from the wars of Syria,

eating frijoles con arroz in Guatemala.

I vote the future.

I vote for water protectors

in the cold winds of North Dakota,

and Racists Anonymous

meeting in a church basement

to take the first step 

in recovery of the heart.

I vote the future.

I vote the memory of the gifts

of veterans and poets,

of the framers of constitution

and the people who walk 

a long afternoon knocking

with a knob hanger in their hands

for even the slammed door.

I vote the future.

With my debate-tired ears

and my email petition red eyes

I choose one candidate and another,

a President of the United States,

a Sheriff and a City Clerk.

I say yes or no on a change

for my state or my town.

I buy a cookie 

at the election day bake sale.

It doesn’t look glamorous.

It doesn’t feel brave,

I don’t expect the news media

of all the world

to watch my small act of faith.

But, for the sake 

of my grandchild’s grandchild,

I vote the future.

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