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Jesus at the Pub: Luke 15

A New York Times travel article on pubs in Oxford commented that “a good pub is a ready made party, a home away from home, a club anyone can join.” It reminds me of Cheers, the 1980’s sitcom filmed in the pub in Boston, with the theme song  “Sometimes you wanna go, where everybody knows your name!”. We all needs a place like this…


One can imagine the Jesus of Luke 15 sitting in such a pub, eating and drinking with “anyone,” to the chagrin of the proper and the pure. In response to this muttering, Jesus tells a series of “lost and found” parables that have to do with homes and parties and letting anyone in.  It raises the question for us: who is in and who is out, who is lost and who is found? How does the acknowledgement of being lost help to bring about our salvation?

Join us this Sunday, as we explore these issues and have some fun! 

As part of the service, we are bringing the Oakland Pride Parade here! Children are invited to come and join the parade as we process out of the service to the Tune of Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family”, and into the courtyard to join in a welcoming barbecue. Bring your musical instruments, games to share, and your friends!

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