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Keeping Our Eyes Open for God Everywhere

It is one thing to talk about looking for the presence of God in the midst of our daily lives, in the babie_031e2d150midst of beauty and grace, in the midst of the simple and mundane, and in the midst of the frightening, challenging and overwhelming aspects of life.

But how do we do this? How do we keep our eyes open for the God who is everywhere?

How do we approach seeing as a practice? What supports our seeing; how do we cultivate the courage, wisdom, patience, and discernment that will help us see what we need to see, and respond to it? How will we allow our seeing to be challenged — and ourselves to be changed by what we see?

These are just a few of the questions I carry as I move through this world that holds such deep brokenness and such stunning beauty. May this be a week of seeing wonders.

with love, Pastor Laurie

Blessing for Seeing
– by Jan Richardson

It seems it should
be simple enough
to bless your eyes —
first the left, perhaps,
then the right —
but there is so much else
you will need
for the seeing.

You will need courage
to open your eyes
where it would be easier
to let them
remain closed.

You will need wisdom
to question what it is
that you see.

You will need to know
when to look more closely,
that you may see
beneath what you see
and between what you see
and behind what you see.

Likewise you will need to know
when to still your eyes
just for a space
so that the seeing
that pierces your heart
will not paralyze it.

Patience will come in handy,
that you will let yourself
learn all over again
what it means to look.

And imagination,
so that you can see
what is not yet there:
what is possible
in that dreaming-place
where seeing becomes

You will need wonder
to let yourself be dazzled
and grace
to ward off despair;
to see clearly
and intuition
to see in the dark.

Mercy, but all this
is quite a lot
and it will take
a lifetime
at least
for the learning.

So perhaps
we should simply
begin here
and say:

Let a blessing
be upon
your left eye.

Let a blessing
be upon
your right eye.

May you see.
May you see.
May you see.

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