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We’ll be in the Oakland Pride parade! 2017

We’re celebrating unity with and for the LGBTQ community! It’s our annual Pride event!  Suzie will drive her great little convertible once again, decked out in style and carrying Skyline’s own “Queen Rhea”!  We have many members and friends taking part, so come visit!  The excitement is starting to build!  Here’s a map of the parade route!

Parade –  begins 10:30 AM at Broadway & 14th Street and goes to Broadway & 20th.  

Enter Festival  (see map) at these locations:  (we’re not having a booth this year)

Main Entrance: Broadway & 20th Street (exit 19th St BART Station)

Webster Entrance: Webster & 21st Street

There is almost NO PARKING at the event. It is recommended that you take BART in. You may drive (carpooling is good, too) to Rockridge BART or another BART station,  park your car there, and BART to the 19th ST. BART station the festival is right there as you exit BART.  BART back out when you leave.  BART parking is free on weekends.   Most lines go through the 19th St. station. Check a map if you’re not sure which train to take to get you to 19th St. BART station: http://www.bart.gov/tickets/calculator

Invitation to you:  On October 15, 2017 we’ll be having our annual Coming Out Sunday at our 10 AM church service.  We are an open and affirming church, and welcome you if you are looking for a place of spiritual belonging.  

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