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Prayer for Justice, Solidarity and Wisdom

This Sunday, in the spirit of living the Resurrection, we are pleased to have with us the Rev. Sandhya Jha.  She serves as founder and director of the Oakland Peace Center, a collective of 40 organizations creating access, equity and dignity for all in Oakland and the Bay Area, and as Director of Interfaith Programs for East Bay Housing Organizations, where she organizes faith communities to advocate for housing as a human right and spiritual mandate throughout California’s Bay Area.  She has a Master of Public Policy,  Master of Divinity, and Bachelor of Arts.

Join us as we come together to learn more about how we can ensure affordable housing, peace and justice here in Oakland. 


We are many but You O God, are One; your multi-faceted unity makes our unity possible.

WE CALL TO YOU BY MANY NAMES: Jesus, Allah, Elohim, Great Creator, Father, Mother, Breath of Life;

WE CALL OUT FOR TRUE JUSTICE, invoking the memory of the powerful prophets and teachers in whose broad footsteps we walk, knowing that we can only truly keep our balance when traveling together.

WE STAND TOGETHER in the belief that every human being has the right to a safe, healthy and truly affordable place to live, a personal sanctuary, a place they can call home without fear of displacement. 

IT IS OUR SACRED INTENTION to witness one another lovingly; to notice the collective enlightenment evidenced by hearing one another’s stories; to experience the power of sharing our experiences in the public realm. 

IT IS OUR SACRED TASK to use the knowledge we gain wisely; and to apply our shared wisdom through skillful action, both collectively and as individuals. 


  • That the homelessness that plagues far too many of our sisters and brothers come to an end – in Oakland, in Alameda County, in the Bay Area, in California and throughout the world; 
  • That powerful people whose hearts have been hardened by the demands of their office or scarred by their own need for healing will have their hearts softened to the needs of the poor and the vulnerable; 
  • That we feel the movement in our own hearts;
  • That courage, compassion and unwavering faith prevail when we feel most vulnerable;
  • That we are able to spread good in the world;
  • That the seniors at St. Mary’s shelter find housing; 
  • That ministers and faith leaders understand their own role in being good stewards over their property;
  • May these prayers and those still in our hearts be heard. 
  • May every person have a place to call home.
  • May our longing for justice be fulfilled.


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