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Preciousness of Each Day

Gathering of Saints-690x832 Elizabeth Wang T-00042A-OL Copyright Radiant LIghtThis Sunday, Nov 1st, marks a very special day… not only is it the day after Halloween, not only is it the start of daylight savings time (so you get to sleep in an extra hour – which is especially nice for families with young children who’ve had too much candy and excitement the night before), it is also the feast of All Saints and All Souls day.

On this day, when the sun sets an hour earlier, we are powerfully reminded of the passage of time and the coming of winter, nature’s way of reminding us of the brevity of our lives. It is a time to remember all those we love; and to value, even more, the preciousness of each day of our lives.

Join us this Sunday as we celebrate saints and souls, past and present.  (Children, wear your costumes!)

(Photo credit:Elizabeth Wang T-00042A-OL Copyright Radiant Light)

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