Oakland church

Skyline builds a Memorial Labyrinth Garden

Skyline Church has been planning a walking labyrinth below its Sanctuary in an unused area that boarders East Bay Regional Park District for 5 years. There have been setbacks due to lack of funds, but now this sacred space is on it’s way to becoming an asset to the community!

Labyrinth Memorial Garden - in the making

It is just laid out in landscapers spray, but already people are out there walking it! Natural in its design the labyrinth will draw the already abundant wildlife that flourishes in this serene location. River rock will outline the pattern and will be held in place with pathway fines. Two locations are defined as seating and will have large rocks to act as benches. The soft sounds of flowing water will emanate from a rock fountain that will be located in one of the seating areas. The perimeter plantings will be California natives and other low water vegetation. This memorial garden that will be open to the public.

Saturday July 12th 9:00 to 4:00 pm the neighborhood will tackle 20 ton of stone to make this dream become a reality. We will provide lunch and childcare. You are invited to help place one of the small cobbles that will line the walking pattern, shovel some fines and tamp in place. The work of many hands and feet will make this vision a reality that will last into time as a memorial to the stewardship of our earth.

We offer our sincere appreciation to American Soil and Stone, located in Richmond, for their generous donation. It truly does take a village to make something of this magnitude happen.