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Staying in Bed Sunday AM

Somehow this morning I can’t help thinking about the fellow who didn’t want to get out of bed one Sunday morning.

“Come on George”, said his mother, “its time for church”.
“I don’t want to go”, said George, pulling up the covers.
Why not? Asked his mother.
“I don’t like church”, came the reply.
“What don’t you like?”
“Don’t like the hymns. I don’t like the sermons, they’re boring. And I don’t like the people; they’re not friendly. They don’t like me and I don’t like them”.
“Well George”, said the mother. “I can’t argue with you. Sometimes the hymns aren’t very good. The sermons are sometimes boring. And the people sometimes aren’t very friendly. And it’s clear – some of them don’t like you and you don’t like them. But you’re going to have to get up, get dressed and go to church anyway”.
“Oh why?”
Because you’re 40 years old, you’re their minister, they pay your salary and they expect you to be there!

This Sunday, I’d like for us to learn a bit more about what really gets us out of bed on a Sunday morning and more specifically, how you experience the sacred in your life!
Come and join us for a fun conversation!

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