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Children’s Sabbath – “Unity Hearts and Voices to End Child Poverty”

This Sunday, we will take part in the 2019 National Observance of Children’s Sabbaths, “Uniting Hearts and Voices to End Child Poverty.” 

Across our nation over the next few weeks, people of every religion will reflect on and respond to the sacred texts, teachings, and traditions that call us to end poverty and act with love and justice to ensure all children have what they need not only to survive but thrive and realize their God given potential. 

Join us for an interfaith service, followed by a discussion to hear anew those religious teachings and commit to faithful responses. 

 I’d like to share with you two videos, lifting up the voices of young people who are impacted by childhood poverty, and also our need to keep moving forward to alleviate it. 



Blessing of the Animals, 

    Special thanks to all of you who helped to carry the torch, inspired by Rhea and Kay, to continue our beloved tradition of the Blessing of the Animals. 

Kay and Rhea’s spirit was present with us, as we welcomed about 30 visitors, and dozens of dogs, a cat and one bunny, and shared joys, prayers for healing, and tears of grief for those 

beloved pets who are forever a part of our hearts and families. Special thanks to Becky Taylor, Hunter Green, Becky Sheldon, Jenny Taylor, Michael Armijo and Catherine Kessler! 

Also special thanks to Sunsan Junfish who offered to provide a talk about caring for the health and safety not only of ourselves, but our beloved pets. 

Peace, Pastor Laurie 

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