Oakland church

Justice & Witness

Our Mission

God has no hands but your hands, no feet but your feet, no face but your face.  Our mission:

  • be informed about issues of social justice;
  • deal with key issues like the giant triplets of racism, extreme materialism, and militarism;
  • advocate and act for those who are disenfranchised within our world.  
  • welcome, support and celebrate a diversity of communities, including age, race, ethnicity, religious backgrounds, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic situations, and all those marginalized by society for any reason.
  • empower ourselves and others in the wider community to bring positive change in the world to overcome social injustice and inequality, through spiritually-guided discernment leading to focused action.  
  • be the Beloved Community.

Our Activities  

Our Partners

Part of our vision strategy at Skyline is to champion social justice issues. One way that we live this out is through our Community Partners. These are local organizations and ministries we partner with as we reach out into our community. Read more.

Our National UCC Programs

At the national level of the United Church of Christ, we do justice. We started in the 60’s with the Civil Rights Movement. We’ve been advocating for gay rights since the 70’s. We took on environmental racism in the 80’s. And in 2005, we were the first church in America to endorse marriage equality. We’re doing justice. Learn more and join us in the cause of justice.