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Put an End to Hunger in Alameda County

Skyline Community Church has partnered with Alameda County Community Food Bank for decades.  In 2011 we made a major donation and presented a matching challenge to major corporate sponsors to support their fundraising efforts. Given the recent reports on poverty, particularly among children and the elderly in Alameda County, such donations are critical.

In total, Skyline contributed $30,000 in 2010 and 11 to ACCFB, inspired a matching challenge that was met, and with their purchasing power, our gift  turned into over $500K worth of fresh healthy food for families here in Alameda County. Our efforts were made possible, through the grace of God working through us, to provide for so many; just like the multiplication of the loaves and fishes making the world a bit more like the Kingdom of Heaven.

For our generosity, we have received national recognition from our denomination as well as recognition from ACCFB!

In the years since, Skyline has sponsored a yearly food donation drive and collected donations.  We are feeding the hungry!