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Fold Yourself into the Dough that is Skyline with your Stewardship

Photo by Nadya Spetnitskaya on Unsplash

What a busy week at Skyline! It was full of life! 

On Saturday, our Preschool held the Annual Spring Fling to raise funds for scholarships for families; and one of the highlights was “Magic Dan” (check out his video). 


On Sunday, we honored and celebrated our children’s program director, Rev Sheryl, on her last Sunday with us, and then a group of us attended the 20th anniversary of the Oakland Gay Men’s Chorus, which includes several of our beloved members.

 (check out the videos)  




I give thanks for each one of you, and what happens with our synergy, our collective efforts, which God expands, exponentially. 

These are difficult times that we are living in – difficult for the world, for our country, and for many progressive faith communities, and the best time to give is during such times.  

I give thanks for our leaders, particularly our church council members, who are chosen by us, from among us to lead the church. 

I give thanks for what happens in Sunday worship: 

  • Will is still filling the candlestick holders
  • Sheila cuts our communion loaf
  • David Guerra adorns the communion table for the theme for worship
  • Benjamin and the choir practices
  • Greeters, like Paula, open the doors and welcome us
  • Ushers,  take up the collection and others, distribute communion
  • Karl take photos
  • Someone hosts
  • Someone volunteers to teach church school with the children 

As our moderator Steve Kilgore mentioned last Sunday, that as a congregational church we are self-governing.  This means we decide who we (as a church) want to be and what we want to do.  There is no hierarchy outside of this congregation telling us how to manifest God’s love.  We have the freedom to:

  • Reach out to the extended community with an annual  Blessing of the Animals, visits to nearby homeless shelters, bike ride fundraisers, vigils to advocate for human rights 
  • Welcome those who have been marginalized by organized religion by holding an annual LGBTQ Pride service 
  • Help those in need by supporting the Nueva Esperanza Preschool or by donating money to the local food bank
  • Advocate to keep coal out of Oakland, and fossil fuels in the ground. 

In this church, every one of us has the freedom to put forth ideas about how this church should be and proceed.  But with freedom comes responsibility.  Just as there is no authoritative power defining us, there is no benefactor supporting us. It is up to us to pay the utility bills, maintain our church property, promote our church, and help our light shine.

Ruby Bridges, civil rights leader, once said, “Don’t follow the path. Go where there is no path and start a trail.”

  • Over the next few weeks,  as you consider the stewardship you can offer this congregation, think about the trails we have cut, and those we should start together.
  • Some of us are trailblazers, others help shore up the trail. Both are needed.
  • Some of us have money,  some of us have skills, some of us have time. All are needed.
  • Especially in this year, as we honor our 50th anniversary, think about who and what YOU want this church to be, and then fold yourself in to the dough that is Skyline Community Church.
  • Your contribution is the yeast and fiber that defines this church.

Here’s the link to Skyline’s stewardship opportunities this year!  



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