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Giving Online

To make giving easier, we’ve launched an online program using  the Quiks smartphone app.   Quiks, Inc. acts as an inexpensive way to process Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments and donations. The fee is only fifty cents per transaction, and 10% of that is donated back to the church.  “Quiks is built using Dwolla’s Application Programming Interface (API) which protects customers’ data through secure servers and a world-class cloud environment. Dwolla’s servers are encrypted with 128-bit or greater encryption controlled by Transport Layer Security (TLS), and sit behind firewall and intrusion protection. Our cloud service offers a highly secure environment with a dedicated security team”.  Read more about Quiks security here.  

With Quiks we have:

  • Direct bank to bank transactions
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Individual fundraising campaigns
  • a one time setup of about 5-10 minutes, then just a couple clicks to make future donations.

You can make a donation to skyline and / or the current fundraising campaigns. 

  1. To get started donating, click the button:


  2. If you need some help click here for instructions.  
  3. When the app asks you to select the name of the organization to donate to, search for Skyline Community United Church of Christ. 
  4. To donate to a fundraiser, once you get to the Skyline Community United Church of Christ page, there is a tiny button labeled “Campaigns” on the bottom right of your screen.  Click that to access the current fundraisers (if there are any).  

Thank you for investing in our community!  If you have questions about Quiks, contact Nancy Montier, 510-531-8212,

 Read more about Quiks security here.   

Send an email or call the office, 510-531-8212 if you have questions.  One thing we learned is that if your bank or credit union does not show up in Quik’s database, your bank does not yet have a partnership with the company that works with apps like Quiks.  You’ll need to continue to write checks, or can make a credit card donation by contacting Nancy Montier at the office.