October 28, 2021

Dear Ones,

These past few days, after the atmospheric river and the cyclone bomb, the air is fresh, the sky is clear and blue, and the thirsty parched land rejoices with the precious gift of water. Water is a gift, much like our own health, that we must never take for granted. Today, as part of that caring for my own health, I am receiving a booster shot. It’s part of life in this age of the global pandemic.

Today is also the 4th anniversary of my father’s death. He is with me, in a new and mysterious way, and continues to inspire me, in so many ways, particularly in his courage, his sense of responsibility, his curiosity, and his faith.

This is the season for reflecting on the meaning and the preciousness of our lives. I am taking time away this weekend to do so. But please come to worship! We are blessed to have with us as our guest preacher, Nichola Torbett. You can read more about her below.

On Sunday, Nov 7th, we will remember those we love who have died , and we’ll build an altar together with all the faces of our beloveds who have died, so bring photos and symbols with you on Sunday in person, or bring them to your worship space at home if you’re worshiping online.  Also joining us on Nov 7th is Rev. Jerri Handy, who has completed her interim work, and is headed back to Mexico.

With Love,
Pastor Laurie