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Pilgrimage to the Arizona/Mexico Border and Immigration Reform by Mirtha L.

Join us for Mirtha’s story of her pilgrimage to the Nogales Arizona/Mexico Border as part of School of the Americas Watch Border Encuentro.  Mirtha was one of nine women in the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity journey lead by Rev. Deborah Lee, Miriam Noriega and Hilda Cruz.

Goals of the Journey:

1. Listen and meet with grassroots and religious partners in Central America to more deeply understand the regional root causes of migration (e.g. economic, drug, military, border and immigration policy).

2. Hear the recommendations and root solutions coming out of Central American partners.

3. Shift the narrative by engaging in advocacy and education in the US and Canada, calling for addressing the root causes of Central American migration and the protection of migrants.

Mirtha:  “I feel tremendous gratitude to have experienced so much love and solidarity during our journey, especially at the protest at Eloy Detention Center and our march to the border wall led by U.S. veterans. It was difficult to hear of the inhumane ways immigrants are treated…”

Come and hear more.

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