Quarterly Meeting Update: Skyline is Healthy!

Thank you to all who joined the Quarterly Meeting on January 31st!  These one-hour meetings are a great opportunity to learn more about all that is happening at Skyline UCC.  It is also an opportunity to reflect on how you can become more involved in the activities of the Church.  All teams welcome new members. If you are interested in a Service Team or if you have ideas of your own, please reach out to one of the Chairs or let me or Pastor Laurie know.

This quarter, my personal goals are continued focus and support on safety (members, staff, preschool teachers, children and families). I am also facilitating the ad hoc group (Nancy Taylor, Becky Taylor and Pastor Laurie) who is developing the office manager position requirements and assisting Pastor Laurie with hiring Nancy Montier’s replacement. Lastly I plan to work with Council and volunteers on developing our long-term goals.

At the Quarterly Meetings, members and guests heard from Service Team Leaders:

Jane Medema for the Spiritual Life Team
[email protected] 510-263-9798,
Nancy Taylor for the Justice & Witness Team
[email protected]  510-325-4957, and
Catherine Kessler for the Green Team
[email protected]  510-499-8114)

Spiritual Life has several activities planned to help guide us through the Lenten period.  Justice & Witness has planned several events (including a movie night) in recognition of Black History Month  Green Team has been busy maintaining and beautifying our facilities and grounds.

Tom Manley provided the update on the church finances.  The good news is that we are doing much better than originally budgeted primarily due to the preschool enrollment being steady and the preschool remaining open since March. We recently received notice that the first PPP Loan has been forgiven.  That update will be shared at the next Quarterly Meeting in April.

We announced the retirement of Nancy Montier who has been our Office Manager for 8 years. Everyone will miss Nancy! Her kindness, creativity, commitment and flexibility to the evolving requirements of the position will be hard to replace.

We hope you are finding these quarterly updates valuable and informative.  There is always a lot happening at Skyline UCC (please reference your weekly emails for details).  I welcome any suggestions or recommendations of what you would like to hear at the next quarterly meeting.

Your Moderator, Carolyn Noble