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Shelter-in-Place Resources

Updates from Government and Medical Leaders

Resources for Parents

Here are some helpful resources for talking with your children about the coronavirus and things to do with them.
Resources for Shopping Hours, Pharmacies for Seniors
Susan J. with the support of the wellness team, compiled a list of  resources that will help seniors/pregnant and the immune compromised community know which stores they can shop at exclusively during certain times or using special lines.  Anyone can access this resource list in view only mode.  If you  have difficulty opening this link in google docs for the first time, here’s some help.   To open the links that are in the resource spreadsheet, hover your mouse arrow over the link.  A little box will open with a symbol in the right hand corner with an arrow pointing upwards to the right.  Click on that symbol and you’ll be taken to the url’s website.

More Resources on the Virus – Anxiety, Disinfecting, Social Distancing, Masks…


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