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The Great Spiritual Migration Discussion

Sundays,  August 9th through Sunday, September 13th,   11:30 AM – 12:30 PM 

This Sunday after worship, the Spiritual Life Team will continue the discussion of  Brian McLaren’s book, The Great Spiritual Migration. Our leader will be facilitating the discussion focusing on the theological migration, from belief in a violent God of domination to a non-violent God of liberation.
For those of you new to this discussion, the book describes a movement of progressive congregations and leaders. With favorable reviews from such as Richard Rohr, Joan Chittister and Diana Butler Bass, McLaren offers three propositions. He believes that among Christians and people of other faiths there are three migrations:

  1. there is a spiritual migration from reliance on a system of beliefs to developing a way of life (the way of love) 
  2. there is a theological migration from belief in a violent God of domination to a non-violent God of liberation 
  3. there is a missional migration from organized religion to organizing religion. (the way of love and justice) 

We are looking forward to a lively discussion! 
Prior to this Sunday, please read/review Brian McLaren’s book, The Great Spiritual Migration

 If you’d like to order a copy, please do HERE!

We look forward to sharing the journey together. 
Pastor Laurie  and the Spiritual Life team
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