For a New Day to Dawn…

This Sunday, I am going to talk about the Canaanite woman’s encounter with Jesus. I remember hearing it for the first time when I was a kid. In the middle of church, I wanted to turn to my parents and say, “Did Jesus just call her a dog?” I didn’t dare, of course, because silence was the order of the day for kids in my very formal faith upbringing.

Do you remember your first experience hearing this story? How do you hear it now?  How does it speak to you about change, growth, new vision, new life, love? 

Brian McLaren, in his book, the Great Spiritual Migration, describes these parables as “bottomless wells of meaning”, springing up within us, like living water, like love, like a new day. We will continue with our journey and book study after worship this Sunday.

For a new day to dawn, WE must be open to hearing and seeing new things, even when the road is long and dark, and we are so far from home.

I leave you with the comforting words and music of Enya