Guess who’s joining us for worship as we honor Earth Day this Sunday? Oakland’s Mayor Libby Schaff!

We will worship together, and share our hopes and dreams for a healthy environment for all of Oakland. She’ll be with us from 10 – 12,  with time devoted from 11:15 – 12 noon for conversation with her.

In 1962, in a book entitled Silent Spring, Rachel Carson lifted up her prophetic warning about humanity’s adverse effective on the environment, which spurred the birth of the environmental movement. Here we are almost 50 years later, and her warning is more urgent than ever:  we citizens of earth are facing the greatest challenge of our day, or one might argue, of any day- the warming of the planet, threatening all life forms.

The good news is that for the 1st time, virtually all the nations of the world have agreed–climate change is real, and people are causing it.

The bad news, despite the will of the majority of people in the US, President Trump withdrew the US, the largest economy, from out of the Paris accord.  In addition, he hired Scott Pruitt, with an agenda to roll back environmental regulations, to support the economy.  It is a short term strategy to maximize profits, at the expense of the long term, & the most vulnerable on the planet.

I am a minister, and hopeful by nature. However, I am also a realist, and I’m guessing that we’re in for a pile of trouble. Emissions in China and India and other developing countries are rising. Population growth is expected to peak at about 9.5 billion by 2050, from the present 7 billion, straining the planet’s resources further. We are in a global-wide crisis that is unprecedented. This is the first time in the history of the earth that a generation of people has held the fate of the earth in our hands.

So, each of us, individually and collectively, must do what we can, within the context of our lives.

Here at Skyline, in partnership with our Green team, and our many environmentalist partners ( Interfaith Council of Alameda, Faith Alliance for a Moral Economy, Poor People’s Campaign, Alameda Interfaith Climate Action Network, Eastbay, and No Coal in Oakland,) we are lifting up a series of inspiring, educational events for earth day, to galvanize local actions on critical issues.

Join us on Friday evening for an amazing  Earth Day Concert here at 7 pm , and an inspiring worship service on Sunday, joined by Mayor Libby Schaaf, where we will lift up many voices and calls to action about what have done, and what we can do together. 

with love, Pastor Laurie