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In the Name of Love, It’s Time to Change the Story

I recently posted this on my Facebook page:  In a sense, this is a “burning bush” moment for us, as a country, especially here in California. Can we see the signs? Do we have the patience and faith to embrace it, understand it, and be inspired to come together to liberate all people, all life, and our very planet from this captivity? Your thoughts?

The responses ranged from “climate hoax” to NY times articles explaining the causes, and critiques of NY Times articles, to the importance of prayers, to the need to do so much more than pray.  WE are living in a country with radically different visions for our country and our world.

So it is in within our political parties. the Democratic and Republican National Conventions offer us radically different visions for these “United” States, and the world.

Today, our unity is fractured. Our shared story as a country is breaking down. It needs to break down. For too long our story has excluded the voices of minority voices, interests and values, it is crumbling from a lack of integrity. The Story that is emerging around the world requires us to include those we have ignored in the past, on the democratic left and the republican right. We are being called out for our bias and hoarding of power. It’s scary for the privileged and vital for those without.

Author and futurist, David Korten, writes in his book, Change the Story, Change the Future:   “Choice-making beings of many possibilities, we humans live by shared cultural stories. They are the lens through which we view reality. They shape what we most value as a society and the institutions by which we structure power.

When we get our story wrong, we get our future wrong.

We are in terminal crisis because we have our defining story badly wrong. Seduced by a fabricated Sacred Money and Markets story, we live in indentured service to money-seeking corporate robots and relate to Earth as if it was a dead rock for sale.

Communications technologies now give us the capacity as a species to choose our common story with conscious intention. This is a moment of unprecedented opportunity to create a future consistent with our true nature and possibility as living beings born of a Living Earth, born of a Living Universe”

Change the story, change the future”

Here are a book review and David Korten’s website on the book.

Yesterday Jacob Blake, an unarmed African American man, was shot in the back by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin in front of his three children. He is now paralyzed from the waist down.  We add his name to a long list of black women and men shot by police that should not exist.

The prophets of old and the prophets of this day shout God’s timeless message: In the name of Love, it’s time to change the story.